Google's Yawner of an Event...


Episode 1733

Leo says that Google's event this week was rather dull and disappointing, muddying the waters of what's coming. First came the Google Pixel 5, which seems a step backward from the Pixel 4. Then they announced a 5G version of the Pixel 4a, which Leo says it more like the 5A with 5g connectivity. Leo says widespread 5G is still more hype and at least a year away. So it's kinda confusing.

Then came the return of GoogleTV, an update to AndroidTV. Chromecast is back with GoogleTV built-in for $49 and remote control. 

What set-top box has the best browser in it?

Episode 902

Justin from Indianapolis, IN

Justin is thinking of getting a set-top box like GoogleTV or Boxee Box but wants to know how the browsers are. Leo says both GoogleTV and Boxee Box have good browsers, but the Boxee Box has stopped desktop development. GoogleTV is likely going to be the best in the long run. GoogleTV also has a pass through capability so that he could add a satellite, antenna, cable, or even another box and enjoy the internet while watching live TV.

Why do the recorded TWiT shows play so much better than TWiT live?


Episode 892

Pete from San Antonio, TX

Since live TV over the internet is still quite new, there are a lot of points where things can go wrong. It could be on TWiT's end, or it could be a problem with his internet speed. Try restarting the app. But if it persists, then it's likely on Leo's end with server issues. Check out the chatroom for help.