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I have a Nexus 7 on backorder, but how can I buy apps now while they're on sale?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 894

Blake from Cedar Rapids, IA

The Google Play store won't let him buy an app unless he has a supported device installed. The chatroom says he could install the Android SDK and create a virtual tablet and register it. That's a long way to go to save a few bucks though. He could also go to a brick and mortar store, log into the Play Store with a demo device and buy the app that way. He may be able to buy a gift certificate. Another option is to contact the app developer and tell them the dilemma. Maybe they'd do something for him.

Is it possible to keep music I'm listening to on Pandora? (Part 1)


Episode 890

George from Downey, CA

No, but there are plenty of other options for having more control over his music. Pandora is an internet radio station that is free with ads or without ads for a small monthly fee. The music industry allows it to exist because there are some limitations with it. For instance, it's not possible to pick a song and it only allows for a certain number of song skips per day.