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How can I connect a camera to my Android Tablet?

Episode 1095

Eric from Torrance, CA

Matthew has an 11" Asus T100 and he wants to get a smaller tablet. He wants it to work with an inspection camera. He hates Windows 8. Leo says that's no surprise. But if the camera comes with software, then he may be limited. If it's just a generic USB plugin, he may still be stuck. Some tablet's USB plugs only work for charging. He'll need a tablet with a USB plug supported for OTG or "on-the-go" options.

Is it safe to get my apps from Amazon?

Episode 1095

Ron from Downey, CA

Ron hears that Amazon offers apps for free every day. Is that safe or should he just buy them from Google Play? Leo says that Amazon is not only safe, but probably safer than Google Play itself because they vet every app. And it's not like he's getting his apps from "Joe's apps" or anything.

Ron will have to go into the settings and enable the ability to get apps from other stores. That's safe to do as long as he is careful. Amazon is perfectly safe, though.

What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1031

Roseanne from Los Angeles, CA

Roseanne is getting rid of her land line and is trying to decide between T-Mobile with a lot of data and having to buy a phone, or a free phone from AT&T. Leo says it doesn't really matter price wise, because the price is hidden in the contract with the so-called "free phone." It's just financed. T-Mobile is up front.

Leo says the only downside for only having a cell phone is 911. It gets routed to a regional center, which can take longer to get a response. She can, however, register her address with the regional 911 so they know exactly where to send help.

What's the best cloud backup option for music?

Episode 936

Leslie from Washington, DC

Leslie has a very large iTunes music library, and she'd like to back it up. She wants to be sure not to lose it. Leo says that Leslie's best bet is iTunes Match. For $25 a year, her collection gets matched with copies that Apple has, and the ones that aren't matched are uploaded to Apple's servers. She can then stream them and download them again from there. Google has a similar service for free called Google Music.

How can I import DRM protected music from iTunes to Google Play?

Episode 931

Don from Lake Forest, CA

Don dumped his iPhone for an Android Galaxy Note 2, and he loves it. Now he wants to move his music from iTunes to Google Play. Some of his music is protected by copy protection, though.

Leo says copy protection has been recently dropped by carriers, but if he has songs that have DRM on them, the easiest way to remove that is to turn on iTunes Match to match all his copy-protected songs. They'll upgrade them to DRM free songs at greater quality. Then he can delete all his copy-protected songs. After he does this, he should be able to import them into Google Play with no trouble.