Google Nexus 7

Can I get Flash on my Nexus 7 tablet?

Episode 956

Fred from California

Fred got a Google Nexus 7 tablet over Christmas and he's not really that much of a fan. He's frustrated because sites that he visits that run flash don't work. Leo says no tablet handles a flash website very well, which is why websites need to be conscious of the mobile world and dump flash. It's antiquated, has security issues, and way too processor heavy for any tablet to handle. There are some ways to get flash on the tablet, but he won't like the results. If a site is ignoring mobile users, it's on them, not on the user.

How can I copy large files onto an Android tablet?

Episode 956

Michael from Queens, NY

Michael has tried to move files onto his Google Nexus 7, but halfway through, the Nexus 7 freezes up. Leo says the card could be full. Copying a file larger than 2GB won't work, so keep it under that. File copying in Windows 7 and older was terrible and unreliable. So, it's not surprising that copying large files is problematic in Windows. Using the command line function "robocopy," (or "Robust File Copy") works better.

What phone or tablet would be best for a security guard to monitor cameras?

Episode 946

Ed from Chino Hills, CA

Ed works for a company who uses Motorola Android phones, and the 80 year old security guard can't use the small keyboard and has not been a computer user at all. He'll need something to check the security cameras if the alarm system goes off. Ed was thinking about possibly getting an iPad Mini.

What tablet would be better for a 3 year old, a Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire? (Part 2)

Episode 932

Jeremy from Anaheim, CA

The Kindle Fire is just a portal to Amazon. Leo thinks the Google Nexus 7 is a better option because there are far more apps available for it. The advantage to the Fire, though, is that it's stripped down and simpler to use. If he does get the Fire, he should make sure to turn off one-click purchasing or he'd be in for a pretty big surprise.