Google Nexus 7

How can I keep my Nexus 7 tablet from dropping Wi-Fi in Lollipop?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1140

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi upgraded her Nexus 7 tablet to Android 5.0 Lollipop and she's not very happy. Leo says that the promise of the Nexus line is that, being directly from Google, users should get updates first. But they roll it out slowly to see if problems crop up, and it sounds like Naomi was one who had problems. Naomi's issue is that her Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping out. Her tablet has also been running really slow. Leo says Google will push a fix pretty soon, though. First thing to do is clear the tablet cache.

Where can I find good reviews on tablets?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1121

Alan from West LA, CA

Alan is trying to find a good tablet for his teenagers. Is the Lenovo Yoga a good option? And who should he trust for reviews? Leo says that Consumer Reports is trustworthy because they don't take advertising. But it also depends on the product. In some areas, they don't have the expertise and tend to review from a "normal joe" point of view. That's often the beef of audiophiles. And computer geeks have a similar complaint. Regardless of these concerns, they're worth looking at.

Why can't my text messaging apps work on my tablet?

Episode 1083

Andrew from Orange County, CA

Andrew bought a Nexus 7 Android tablet for his birthday and he's running into issues with SMS text messaging. Leo says that SMS is the short message service between wireless telephones. So it wouldn't work. But he can use apps like What's App to do it. He may run into issues because he won't be able to universally text to phones with it. The chatroom says he could get Skype, which works great on the Nexus 7, and he can buy the ability to text through Skype. That's a good option, as is Google Voice. Even Google hangouts would work. TalkaTone is another.

What's the best cell phone or tablet for a special needs child?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1080

Eileen from Wilmington, DE

Eileen has a son and he was thinking of buying him a cellphone. He won't be making phone calls with it. Leo says that a tablet is probably going to be a better option for him since he has OCD. The Apple iPad or the Google Nexus 7 would be great. She'll need to have LTE or 4G built into it, though. Just be sure to get one that is LTE compatible. T-Mobile has very affordable data plans. It may be cheaper to go to the wireless company since they will subsidize it.

What tablet should I get to replace my laptop?

Dell Venue Pro 8

Episode 1048

Benny from Pasadena, CA

Benny is looking at a tablet to replace his old laptop. Leo says that the Google Nexus 7 is a great tablet, but it's not Windows and he won't be able to use MS Office. He could use Google Docs instead, which is not bad for basic use.

There are inexpensive Windows tablets like the Dell Venue 8 Pro for about $230. If he's looking to replace a Windows machine, that may be a better choice.

How can I view and sort my photos with a tablet?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1048

Jim from Walnut Creek, CA

Jim is an amateur photographer who reviews his pictures on the camera to delete the ones he doesn't like. For Christmas, he got an iPad Mini, and would like to preview the images on his camera card. Leo says that the iPad Mini doesn't have a set file system like that. Jim understood that and returned it. Leo says Jim didn't have to do that, he could've gotten the camera connection kit which would allow him to plug in an SD card.

What tablet should I buy my wife for work?

Dell Venue Pro Tablet

Episode 1044

Dan from New Jersey

Dan wants to get his wife a tablet so she can check her email at work. Leo says that there are some excellent Windows tablets, and many like the Dell Venue Pro. This can run the full version of Windows too, which means it will run regular Windows programs. Dan is a bit sad that Windows doesn't have the same app capability as Android or iOS, though. Will there be ever be a Windows tablet that can run Android? Leo says no.