Google Nexus 5

How can I fix my Google Nexus 5?

Google Nexus 5

Episode 1223

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Mark has a Google Nexus 5 and he says it gets terrible battery life. But the worse thing is that he's having issues with sound. So he restarted the phone, and it fixed everything. Leo says that the Nexus 5X will be a bit larger, and there's also the 6P which is even bigger. But after Mark broke his phone and had it fixed, the phone's GPS no longer works. Leo says that the antenna could've been broken at the connection when Mark dropped it. He recommends going to If anyone would know how to fix it, they would.

Should I replace the battery in my Nexus 5?

Nexus 5

Episode 1219

Tom from Toronto, CAN

Tom has a Samsung Nexus 5, and the battery life is starting to go South. Leo says that there's a certain number of charges a Lithium Ion battery has, and after about 500 cycles, it's time to move on. The good news is that Google is about to announce a new Nexus. Leo recommends waiting for the announcement, or checking out Leo's review of the Motorola Moto X Pure.

Why does my Nexus 5 have bad battery life with Lollipop?

Google Nexus 5

Episode 1149

Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Mark upgraded his Google Nexus 5 with Lollipop, but he's finding the battery life isn't as good. Leo says it should be, as there were significant changes designed to improved battery life like toning down the screen, and adjusting "wake locks" turning on everything to download email. Lollipop consolidates those into a group so they do it all at the same time. There could be other reasons and Leo recommends doing a device reset. He should also look for apps that wake up the phone and set them to never update unless he is using the app.

Can I boost a Bluetooth signal?


Episode 1130

Sam from Costa Mesa, CA

Sam has a Logitech Keyboard and he wants to know if the bluetooth signal can be boosted. Leo says he can't because Logitech doesn't use Bluetooth. It uses a proprietary signal. He should just get a Bluetooth keyboard, if his computer supports it. If his computer doesn't support it, he could still buy Bluetooth dongles and add devices that way. Leo suspects that Logitech limits the range of it's capability because of interference and security reasons.

How can I maximize battery life in my Android phone?


Episode 1128

David from California

David got a Google Nexus 5 phone and he's concerned about battery life. Leo says that's the main problem with modern mobile phones -- they don't last through the day, which is why he likes phones that have removable batteries. What about killing programs and tasks that are running? Leo says that today's modern phone operating systems don't require task management anymore.

Can I get a smartphone that doesn't have a data plan?

Motorola Moto G

Episode 1090

Joshua from Greenville, WI

Josh is on his dad's plan and he doesn't want to pay for a smartphone with a data plan. Is there an affordable option? Leo says that buying an unlocked phone will be a bit pricey, but then he won't have to have the data plan. He could get a Motorola Moto G for about $150 unlocked and unsubsidized, which is what he'll want. Then in two years, he can put a SIM card in it when Josh is on his own contract.

What should I get for my first smart phone? (Part 1)

Motorola Moto X

Episode 1071

James from Woodland Hills, CA

James is going to get his first smartphone and is considering getting an older model like the Samsung Galaxy S3. But should he just move forward and go with the latest HTC One? He doesn't want an iPhone, though. Leo says that in general, it's not a good idea to go with an older model because he'll lose out on the latest innovations. However, with Samsung, things have gotten worse because Samsung has loaded it with programs that users can't get rid of, in addition to what the carrier puts on it. At least the Galaxy S3 didn't have so much of that nonsense.

What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1031

Roseanne from Los Angeles, CA

Roseanne is getting rid of her land line and is trying to decide between T-Mobile with a lot of data and having to buy a phone, or a free phone from AT&T. Leo says it doesn't really matter price wise, because the price is hidden in the contract with the so-called "free phone." It's just financed. T-Mobile is up front.

Leo says the only downside for only having a cell phone is 911. It gets routed to a regional center, which can take longer to get a response. She can, however, register her address with the regional 911 so they know exactly where to send help.