Google Nexus

What should I buy as my first smartphone?

Google Nexus 6P

Episode 1263

Ginger from Santa Monica, CA

Ginger is ready to buy her first smartphone. She's with Sprint, but she's thinking of moving to Verizon. Leo says it depends on her location for what carrier is best. One service that Leo uses is Google Fi. It uses Sprint, T-Mobile or Wi-Fi.

Leo suggests going to to request an invitation. The service is limited to phones to Google's pure Nexus line. But for the first smartphone, Leo usually recommends an iPhone. Leo suggests choosing her carrier and then deciding which phone from there.

Android 4.4 Named After Kit-Kat Bar, Will a New Google Nexus Phone Be Announced Next?

Episode 1011

Android 4.4 will be named "Kit-Kat". Google has been naming all of their Android operating systems after desserts, like "Cupcake," "Donut," "Froyo," etc. It's all been generic dessert names, though, until now. There also will be a new Google Nexus phone that Leo guesses will be out in the new few weeks.