Google Maps

Create Your Own Customized Google Maps

Google Maps has a feature that makes it possible to create your own customized maps that you can then share with friends or embed on a website. To do this, go to and sign in with your Google login. Then click the "Create a New Map" button. This will take you to an interface where you can add various things to the map. You can drop pins and label them, draw a line or shape, define a driving, biking, or walking route, add directions and more.

How can I make large prints of Google Maps?

Episode 1291

Ryan from South Dakota

Ryan wants to be able to get large printouts of Google Maps, around 60" by 50". He'd also like to fill in some ancient places for education purposes. He would have to become a developer to do this. There's an API that would allow him to tell Google Maps what he wants and what he wants to add.

Ryan can get more information on how to do this at

How can I export my Google Maps data?

Google Maps

Episode 1252

Kenny from Temple, TX

Kenny wants to know how he can export his Google Maps searches. Leo says he can go to to see all of the data that Google has collected on him. He can then export the Maps data, along with any other data he wants, at He should make sure to export it as a KML file for his GPS location history. He can also export his saved places, but he'll have to convert that, since Google puts it in a GeoJSON format.

How can I use Waze internationally without data?

Episode 1200

Jim from Atlanta, GA

Jim wants to know if he can use Waze in New Zealand. Leo says that it looks like Waze does support New Zealand. So his issue is going to be with data. Google Maps would allow him to precache map information before hand, so he could do that while at the hotel. But Waze does not have an offline mode. So he'll have to get a local SIM card in order to have data.

Why can't I hear directions through Google Maps?

Episode 1156

Mary from Orange, CA

Mary got a new Scion automobile and she can connect her phone to it, but it doesn't work right. She can't hear the turn by turn directions when she connects her Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to it. Leo says that there is a setting for it to play over the music. Doctor Mom in the chatroom says she had a similar problem and she says to start over with the Scion. Forget the pair in her Scion Bluetooth settings, and then repair it. Leo also says to look in the navigation settings in Google Maps to change the volume on the voice settings. There's also a 'mute' checkbox there.

How can I get download Google Maps for offline access on my Nexus 7? (Part 2)

Episode 1063

Ron from Downey, CA

Ron wants to know how he can download Google Maps for offline access on his Google Nexus 7 tablet. The chatroom says if he types "OK Maps" into the search box of the Maps app, it will cache the map for him. He can also scroll down to the bottom and select "make this area map available offline." Google says the device storage capacity may limit the size of an area to be cached, and some areas aren't available for this.

Google Buys Waze for $1.3 Billion

Episode 986

Waze is a really cool maps app with social media. Now, there's word that Google is buying Waze for $1.3B. That's quite a windfall for not only the developers, but the venture capitalists that have invested heavily into it. Leo says Google will incorporate Waze into Google Maps to make it even better. Leo says that it's also equally likely that, like YouTube, Google will just let Waze be Waze.

How can I get my business undeleted from Google?

Episode 973

Vincent from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Vincent has a service area business, noticed a significant drop in business, and discovered that it was a problem with Google. Apparently, when Google activated Google+ and migrated data from Google Maps, a lot of these businesses had been deleted. Unfortunately, he has found that Google is apologetic but doesn't seem to have a solution. Now his business doesn't show up in Google Places anymore. This is a big issue because Leo says if a business isn't showing up in Google, it pretty much doesn't exist online.

Why can't the maps app on my Galaxy S3 find my location?

Episode 970

Derek from San Diego, CA

Derek recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. The maps app doesn't know where he is, though.

Leo says to make sure that location settings are enabled, including GPS and WiFi. Leo doesn't think that GPS is actually enabled by default. There's also just some places where he won't be able to get a signal. He should also give it some time to acquire his location. It has to pick up all the GPS satellites in that area, which can take time.