Google Hangouts

What's a good camcorder for video podcasting?

Canon Vixia HF

Episode 1288

Isaiah from San Bernadino, CA

Isaiah has a video podcast and he's looking for a better camera with which to shoot not only in his studio, but also on location. Leo says that camcorders are on their way out, but they're still around. He'll want one that has live video out (via HDMI is best) that he can then connect to his PC (the HDMI port has to be on his PC as well). It really comes down to how much he'll want to spend, and if he already has a still camera, then chances are he already has a camera to do the job.

How can I have people text me without my phone number?

Episode 1278

John from New Jersey

John is a DJ for weddings and clubs. He's looking for software that would allow clients to text him without knowing his real number. Leo says that there were some products that don't work anymore, but getting a Google Voice account would work perfectly. They could text the Google Voice number and he can set it up to forward it to his mobile phone.

Why can't I get replies from group text messages?

Episode 1248

Bruce from Riverside, CA

Bruce is having trouble getting responses with group texting through Verizon. Leo says that happens to his wife as well. Often they arrive a day later, sometimes not at all. Leo says it may be a handshake issue between carriers. It also could be that some people in the group text may be using iMessages with an iPhone. Most users don't realize that when they use iMessage, they're using data and not the SMS system. As such, some just don't get the message because they're on two different networks. The best solution is to go with a data only system like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Why can't I send MMS text messages in Google Voice?

Episode 1132

Dan from Chesapeake, VA

Dan has two separate phones, an LG G3 and an HTC One on T-Mobile, with two separate SIMs ( a micro and a nano), and two separate lines. He can't figure out how to send multi media text messages in Google Voice. Leo says that Google just recently decided to support MMS, but it may have not happened yet and Verizon doesn't support it. T-Mobile does though, and Dan uses both.

How can I get the word out about Google Helpouts?

Google HQ

Episode 1114

Renzo from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Renzo says that he is using Google HelpOuts, which uses Google Hangouts, to provide counseling services. Leo says that this is a great idea for those who wish to help others and Google doesn't seem to publicize this enough. Users can learn to play an instrument, get psychotherapy, and tons of other options through HelpOuts.

Find Renzo's Counseling/Therapy Session here.

How can I build a virtual "Skypeasaurus"?

Episode 1022

Svera from Oslo, Norway

Svera took Leo's advice to use a cheap HD video camera for his online TV channel. He's envious about the infamous Skypeasaurus. Can he create a virtual one? He's looking at using Google Hangouts, but it's difficult to get people using Google Plus. Leo says that Google Hangouts are a great solution for just starting out because it saves to YouTube automatically. Hangouts uses WebRTC on the backend, and Leo's considering using WebRTC for TWiT.

How can I use Google Hangouts with a consistent link?

Episode 946

Peter from California

Peter uses Google Hangouts as an ad-free alternative to UStream. His problem is that the link keeps changing so he can't just embed the same link onto a website. Leo says that's by design because each episode is saved to YouTube. He could post the channel and the latest video saved would show up. Outside of that, he may just have to re-edit the page every time.