Google Glass

Google Is Redesigning Its AR Glasses

Google Glass

Episode 1489

When Google originally released Google Glass, it was a huge, overpriced failure. People were freaking out over privacy, and let's face it: You looked like a dork. Now, the talk is that Google is starting from scratch and creating a new augmented reality glasses design. The rumor comes from WinFuture and CNET stating that Google is working with a Taiwanese company to create a new design that is called the A65, with video capture, 3D overlays, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, and more.

How can I take pictures from my perspective automatically while traveling?

Narrative Clip

Episode 1305

Ian from Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ian would like to record himself during the day. He was thinking of using a used Google Glass. Leo says to be careful of that because Google Glass is tied to a Google account and he may end up not being able to use it. One solution is the Narrative Clip, which will record every 30 seconds and he'd wear it around his neck. He can find it at It has an 8MP camera and can record HD video. It costs $199.

Pokémon Go Is the Newest Gaming Obsession

Pokémon Go

Episode 1303

Pokémon Go is a new mobile game that's taking the US and Australia by storm. It uses augmented reality to motivate people to get out of the house and interact with the world around them. Leo says that what's great about the game is that it gets you out and moving, plus you meet other people playing the game. Leo tried it this week and walked five miles playing the game. It's kind of like Geo Caching meets Pokémon. Leo says that it's serious too, because shares of Nintendo have risen 15% in the last few weeks. The question is, will it be a fad with a quick burn out factor like Flappy Bird?

Can I use Google Glass without an Internet connection?

Episode 1012

Dillon from Anchorage, AK

Dillon is interested in Google Glass, but he wants to know how it works out in rural areas. Leo says he can't use it without connection via an Android phone and Bluetooth. Without that, he could take pictures, but he wouldn't be able to upload them. That would just be a mighty expensive camera.

Google Glass isn't even out to the public at this point, so things may change by the time it does hit the market.

'Google Now' and 'Google Glass' Bring the Future Closer

Episode 980

Leo discusses the privacy issues at hand with Google's new wearable Glass device. Essentially, everyone wearing Glass has a camera on their head and can take pictures at any time without anyone else knowing.

Leo also shows off Google Now, which was recently included on iOS within their Google search app. Google Now has been on Android for awhile as well, and it aims to predict what the user wants before they even go look for it. It's impressive, but again, is it too creepy?

How can privacy be protected with Google Glass?

Episode 973

Louis from Hollywood, CA

Louis is concerned with privacy and Google Glass. He's seen interviews with journalists like Robert Scoble who have admitted to wearing them while going into public bathrooms. Leo says that one of the features of taking images is a very loud audible click and having to verbally say "take image." It's designed so the subject knows that they're being imaged. What about video? Leo says that there should be a red light.

Is there a good spy camera available that I could wear?

Episode 965

Eric from Studio City, CA

Eric is looking for a wearable spy camera to shoot images for reports on hotels. Leo says The Spy Store is a great place to go for such things. There's even a watch camera DVR! He should take caution though, since most of the stuff they sell could be illegal in most areas.

The chatroom recommends Leo also says that Eric should be the first in line when Google Glass comes out.