Google Drive

Why can't I print a PDF?

Episode 1166

Charlie from Missoula, MT

Charlie can't print an attachment, but he can print other things. The attachment is zipped and when he unzips it, it's a PDF file. Leo says that in order to print PDF files, he'll need a PDF reader. Windows didn't come with a PDF reader until Windows 8, so most people wound up getting Adobe Reader. Leo says to open it in Google Drive, and he'll be able to print from there.

How can I sync my NAS drive with Google Drive?

Netgear Stora NAS

Episode 1134

Kevin from Ontario, Canada

Kevin has a NetGear Stora NAS drive and it's not backing up the way he wants it to. He uses Google Drive and it's not syncing to it. Leo says that Google Drive is syncing to the local computer and not the NAS. If he sees the NAS mounted on his computer, then he should get the NAS and the local computer synced first. Since Kevin uses a Mac, Leo uses ChronoSync but Super Duper is good too.

Manage File Versions in Google Drive

File syncing can be complicated, especially when multiple people are accessing the file, or if a file is being edited in two different locations separately. The computer or cloud service often won’t know what changes should be preserved in the official file, so it will create duplicates which can be messy. It’s also possible to lose changes when the file is synced, or a collaborator could delete something you want to get back. Google Drive is one cloud service that makes this easier to manage with ‘file versioning.’

How can I encrypt my data on Google Drive?

Episode 1069

Trevor from Richmond, CA

Trevor signed up for additional storage on Google Drive and wants to encrypt his data. Leo says that a lot of the value of Google drive is lost if he encrypts it. But many people are concerned with hackers and the NSA seeing everything. Leo says that encryption is a good way to give him peace of mind. TrueCrypt is a free program that allows him to scramble any file and then move it to Google Drive. It will be unreadable to everyone, as long as he uses a good strong password.

How can I send PDF files over the Internet?

Episode 1011

Kevin from Anaheim, CA

Kevin sends his clients PDFs and he wants to know the best way to send them over the net. Leo says that sending attachments via email is a security issue and he always tells people not to open attachments from people. He recommends putting a PDF up on Google Docs or Google Drive, and then sharing a link to it. That way they can open it up in a secure environment and don't run the risk. Kevin may have to educate his clients, and that's a negative, but it would be safer to do it this way.

How can I automatically backup the pictures on my phone?

Episode 1005

Brad from San Clemente, CA

Brad wants to be able to transfer images he takes on his phone and sync them to Picasa. He's set up his Google Drive and Picasa to monitor it. With Google being able to sync automatically, is that a good solution? Leo says sure, but there's numerous other choices. DropBox, Facebook, and Google+ will also automatically sync to his phone if he chooses to and stores them. SmugMug's app will as well, and in full resolution.