Google Chromecast

How can I stream to my TV from my phone?

Google Chromecast

Episode 1510

Dave from Hermosa Beach, CA

Dave has a mobile phone and he wants to know how he can stream to his TV from it. Leo says to get the Google Chromecast. This will allow him to pull up a video stream on his phone, and then hand it off to the Chromecast to put it on the TV. He'll need internet and Wi-Fi to make it work. If all his internet access is through his phone, then he could use a hotspot with his TV if it supports that, and then Chromecast that way. But he'll take a bandwidth hit on his phone.

Why can't I stream from my mobile phone to my Samsung 4K TV?

Google Chromecast

Episode 1247

Mark from Covina, CA

Mark bought a Samsung 4K Curved TV and it won't find his phone unless he unplugs it. Leo says that Samsung's DLNA is notoriously terrible. It stops, drops, and loses connections. Leo's suggestion as an alternative is Google Chromecast. It works perfectly because the hardware connection from the Chromecast is straight into the TV.

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1233

There's a scandal brewing over at Amazon, where the online retailer has pulled all listings to sell Apple TV or Google's Chromecast because there's no app to support Amazon streaming. They also won't allow third parties to sell them. That's scandalous, but Leo says that while it's rather bad form, a store has the right to carry what it wants to sell, so there's really not much to do about it. Scott also says it shows just how serious they are about streaming TV.

Amazon Does a Full Week of Black Friday Deals


Episode 1139

It used to just be the day after Thanksgiving, but now Black Friday has expanded. It's not only happening *on* Thanksgiving, but Amazon is having Black Friday sales all week! Leo says that while people are fighting over the marked down deals, a good price on a TV often isn't a great deal. They're usually limited in quantity and often not the best models.

Music Deals, an App for Windows 8, is giving away 50 really good albums for free, with box sets for just $2. You download the 320kbps songs through the app and then you can use them anywhere.

Does the Roku Streaming Stick work well?

Roku Streaming Stick

Episode 1131

Don from Mojave, CA

Don wants to know how the Roku Stick works. Leo says they crash periodically, but they work great and save a ton of space. It's powered by the TV. It does require an MHL HDMI port to use it, though, which is not a standard port on most TVs. If he doesn't have that, then the Google Chromecast is another option. But if space isn't an issue, Leo recommends getting the external box.

How can I mirror to my TV with my Note 2?

Episode 1097

Eric from Torrance, CA

Eric mirrors his Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to his HDTV via NetGear. But if he roots it, it won't work. Are there any alternatives to the NetGear? Scott says that's a black art, but he could mirror to his laptop and then HDMI. The chatroom says that the laptop has to be running Chrome for that to happen. The chatroom also says the Google Chromecast won't mirror just yet. Eric could connect it via an MHL cable and then run it that way. Scott says that's "so 20th century." But there is a way and it also fits in his pocket, so as long as the TV has HDMI, he's good to go.

How can I access my security camera on my TV?

Google Chromecast

Episode 999

Steve from Chino Hills, CA

Steve is installing an MBR security camera that he can access online. He'd like to be able to see it on his TV.

Leo says that the Google Chromecast would be an ideal option for this as it turns the TV into a smart TV capable of accessing the internet. If his TV is already a smartTV, then he may not need anything. Just launch the browser and surf to the camera.