Google Chromebook

Can I use Android apps on my Chromebook?

Dell Chromebook

Episode 1325

Dan from Cypress, CA

Dan is a Nexus user and he recently bought a Chromebook from Dell. Leo says Dell makes a really nice Chromebook. Can he mimic the phone to his Chromebook? Leo says he won't be able to make phone calls on his Chromebook, but he will be able to get the Google Play store for the Chromebook which will support any Android app. It should happen pretty quickly too, as Google said they will do it this month. He'll want to have a Chromebook with a touch screen, though.

What laptop should I buy?

Episode 1222

Benny from Pasadena, CA

Benny is still trying to figure out what computer to get, and he's leaning towards a Dell. Leo says he has the Dell XPS13 and he really likes it. Powerful machines, like desktop replacements, aren't usually very light. But the XPS 13 is an ultrabook and it's very light. He can also get a touch screen option, but that adds more money.

How can I encourage my kids to get into technology?

Episode 1222

Edgar from 10 Fwy

Edgar has a trio of granddaughters and two of them are into robotics. Leo says that's a great hobby that can teach them and move them into greater endeavors. Currently, they're using LEGO Mindstorms. His kids are also involved in a special program partnered with NSA to teach them to use their skills to serve the country. He's realized that he needs to get them a computer so that they can learn more.

Can I replace my computer with a tablet?

Acer Chromebook

Episode 1125

Tara from Venice, CA

Tara has a lot of computer stuff that she really doesn't need. Can she use an iPad and still do online banking securely? Leo says Tara can, but it's more dependent on the security of the bank than the iPad. If the bank's security is up to date, then absolutely she can do it. Leo also says she can keep her Wi-Fi and use a Wi-Fi enabled Chromebook instead. It's essentially a browser based computer with nothing else. Just about everything she does is online these days, and that makes the Chromebook an excellent and secure alternative.

What's the best low budget laptop for a student?

Episode 983

Elizabeth from Lakewood, CA

Elizabeth just graduated from JR. High school and would like to get a laptop. Her budget is $600.

Leo says that a Chromebook is great because they're only around $250. It runs the Chrome OS, which is essentially a browser, and then she would use Google Docs to do all of her work and the browser to surf the net. It's a good budget option for a student. Macs are too expensive, sadly, with the cheapest Mac being $999.