Google Cardboard

Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1283

So the Jungle Book came out and Leo says it's fantastic. But they made the deliberate choice to make a combination live action for the human actors, and then CGI for the rest of the animals in the Jungle. The reason is something called "the uncanny valley," which states that as humans, we are so fine tuned to how a human being should look and if it's the slightest bit off, we instantly see how fake it is. We don't get that with animals or other animated characters. So in the Jungle Book, it completely works.

Google's April Fool's Joke Backfired

Episode 1275

Google had two April Fool's jokes this year, one being the introduction of Google Cardboard Plastic, which is a VR headset to experience real life. It's simply clear plastic that you'd wear on your face just to see the real world through it.

The other April Fool's joke actually altered the way Gmail behaves, and it had some disastrous results. It was called "Gmail Mic Drop," and it replaced the "Send & Archive" button with "Send and Mic Drop." This inserted a goofy animated GIF of a Minion doing a mic drop.

Leo Tests Out the Ricoh Theta S for Virtual Reality

Episode 1232

Today in the Brickhouse Studios, Leo is testing out the Ricoh Theta S 360° camera, which can shoot VR videos and images and then publish them on the internet through your mobile phone. Leo says it's a really interesting idea and he hopes it really pays off. You can even use it with Google Cardboard. You can watch Leo's video of the show's first 15 minutes here -