Leo Says the Pixel 6 Is Very Nice. But Photos Look Weird

Pixel 6

Episode 1842

Leo got the Google Pixel 6 just before he went to Mexico for vacation. Using it to take photos, he found the low light to be very good, but he thinks the camera on the iPhone 12 takes better photos. Leo says if you zoom into the photos on the Pixel 6, they look like oil paintings. Leo says that's likely due to using artificial intelligence to post-process the images, and he finds them a bit smeared and gives it a weird look.

What Do We Do About Big Tech?


Episode 1840

Governments worldwide are working to figure out what to do about the power and influence of Big Tech. From Amazon to Facebook, technology companies wield extraordinary power in our lives and are doing things to keep the next generation of innovators and competitors out of the marketplace. The Attorney General is lodging a complaint, for example, against Google pertaining to how they use market clout to dominate online advertising.

Why Is My Phone Battery Swollen?

Phone Battery

Episode 1836

Carlos from Whittier, CA

Carlos is an old Fortran programmer who has reinvented himself as a computer science professor in his retirement years. He's got a Google Pixel 4 mobile phone and he's had terrible customer support on his swelling battery. Leo says the proper response is to replace it because it's a fire hazard. That Google isn't doing that is extremely disappointing. Carlos finally got an RMA return and they will replace it with a refurbished unit. But it took several weeks via email to get them to do the right thing. Is Google having issues with batteries?

Is My Chromebook Safe to Use if It Doesn’t Get Updated Anymore?


Episode 1822

Anne from Studio City, CA

Anne wants to know why her Chromebook isn't getting updates anymore. And can she keep using it? Leo says that the older your Chromebook is, the more likely Google will stop updating it. But it'll be fine for a while. Chrome is very secure. The issue though will be if your browser is still updated. If your Chromebook is one of the first, and as such, its end of life, then it may be time to get a new one.

Should I Use an SEO Company?


Episode 1819

Dave from Temecula, CA

Dave has a business and he wants to know if it's worth doing SEO to get better search results on Google. Seems like snake oil. Leo says that there are legitimate SEO companies. But there's a lot of snake oil there, as well. A LOT. And an overly aggressive SEO could actually cause Google to delist him. SO if they make nonorganic suggestions that could "game the system," run away!

Why Can’t I Log Into YouTube Through Steam?


Episode 1816

Gabriel from Lake Elsinore, CA

Gabe is having trouble logging into YouTube using Steam's Overlay browser. He gets a browser not secure warning. But if he uses a different Gmail account, he can get in. Leo suspects that the Browser is using a format that YouTube no longer supports.  It turns out that YouTube has made a change that doesn't support the Overlay Browser. Here's a Steam note on it, and another here.

Machine Voices Getting More Human


Episode 1813

Companies like Amazon and Google are doing to great lengths to make their assistant voices sound more human. Even going so far as to bring celebrities in to record random sentences and then use artificial intelligence to fill in the gaps. Known as "prosody," the technique is starting to put voiceover artists out of work since a computer can fake recorded sounds that are indistinguishable now from the human voice.