How can I fundraise using Facebook?


Episode 1501

Florentina from Spain

Florentina lost her home recently and wants to use Facebook to raise money to get into a new place. Leo says that Facebook is ideal for that because everyone is there and she can run her campaign directly from her feed. She should go to facebook.com/fundraisers. She can do everything from non-profit fundraising to personal campaigns for emergency purposes, which this certainly qualifies. Another option is GoFundMe.com.

Is GoFundMe good for raising money?

Episode 1306

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA

Kevin is going to be studying film abroad for his senior year in college. He needs to raise funds to travel to Great Britain for school. He's thinking of starting a GoFundMe campaign and using crowdfunding to do it. Leo says why not? Surely there are people who would chip in to get Kevin there. He shouldn't expect strangers to chip in, but friends and family, and maybe friends of friends would do it. GoFundMe will take a piece of the pie though, so he should factor that in on his goal.

What do you know about eSight Eyewear?

Episode 1267

Thomas from San Diego, CA

Thomas wants to know if Leo has heard of eSight glasses. He has a friend who is legally blind and wants to know if they're worth the price. Leo says it sounds like he'd have to have some sight and it just amplifies the visual signal. Leo says that is a great thing, though. It's like Oculus Rift for the legally Blind. They aren't cheap, though, at $15,000. But they're brand new and the cost will likely drop really fast once the word gets out.

What crowdfunding site should I use for my personal project?

Episode 1262

Scott from Jasper, GA

Scott wants to do medical weight loss surgery and he wants to raise the money to pay for his share of the cost. Which crowdfunding site should he use? Leo says that GoFundMe is the best for a personal project like weight loss. Chances are he's going to get most of his help from friends and family, and people he knows on Facebook. Another option is Patreon.