How can I stream the games I play on the Internet?

Episode 1218

Christopher from California

Christopher streams videos of his gameplay on and his computer is starting to bog down. Leo says those "Let's Play" videos are huge, but it really does tax the processor power when it's juggling both high performance gameplay and streaming. Most use two computers networked together so that one plays the game while the other broadcasts the videos, but Leo says that's not ideal, actually.

How can I prioritize online gaming with my router?

Episode 1213

Brant from New York

Brant has an issue that when he's gaming online, and someone else starts streaming Netflix, suddenly he gets a lot of latency. Leo says that's just because his bandwidth goes down because there's so much being used. One thing Brent can try is QOS (quality of service) where he can set his router to prioritize bandwidth traffic through the ports that gaming and streaming apps use.

Should I upgrade to Windows 10 for gaming?

Windows 10 Upgrade Notification

Episode 1208

Jimmy from Maryland

Jimmy is a gamer and wants to know if he should upgrade to Windows 10 yet. Leo says that the biggest reason for a gamer to upgrade to Windows 10 is DirectX 12. But the fact is that a lot of existing hardware won't support DirectX 12 right out of the box. And users have a year to upgrade for free, so there's really no hurry.

It's probably best to play wait and see, at least for a few weeks, just to see if there's any major league problems for others. Meanwhile, Jimmy should be on the lookout for new drivers for DirectX 12 support.

Should I buy or build a gaming PC?

Episode 1194

Reed from Long Island, NY

Reed wants a gaming computer and he wants to know if he should buy one or build one. Leo says that it used to save a lot of money to build one. That's not true as much now, as there's no overall warranty or tech support that can help if the computer doesn't work. Reed would be his own tech support. And with various part manufacturers, nobody takes responsibility for issues.

How can I start making "let's play" videos on YouTube?

Episode 1192

Matthew from Virginia

Matthew wants to start producing "lets play" videos on YouTube like PewtiePie. Leo says that's just about every kid's goal now. There's a ton of ways to do it with software like FRAPS on Windows. The XBox One has a built in recording/broadcaster feature. OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) is an open source live broadcasting app that is very popular on And Twitch is where everyone is going.