Galaxy S III

When will the Samsung Galaxy Note II be out?

Episode 919

Steve from Illinois

Leo says that Samsung is likely going to announce the Note 2 on the 25th, but he can get an unlocked version now in Europe through Expansys. He'd only be able use it on AT&T, though. It has a quad-core processor, 5.5" high res screen, and Leo likes the swappable battery too, even though the battery lasts long enough to get through the day. The Galaxy S III actually has the same screen resolution, but a smaller screen. So that may be worth looking into as well.

Apple Asks Judge to Block Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII

Episode 905

Claiming that Apple will suffer irreparable harm, Apple has amended their list of infringing products to include both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII, asking Judge Lucy Koh to ban them from the US market. Leo says that maybe Samsung products are doing so well now because they do a lot of things that the iPhone doesn't. Sure, the early Samsung phones were blatant copies, but Leo says there's no question that they are different phones now.