Galaxy Note

Samsung's Future Galaxy Note Could Have Foldable Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note8

Episode 1462

Samsung has been quite vocal about its plans to build a smartphone with a foldable screen in it, and we could see that next year with the Galaxy Note. On the front it will look like a regular smartphone, but then you'll be able to open it up to a 6 or 7" tablet. That will likely cost a lot more, and Samsung has already said it will be raising the price of the next Galaxy S phone, starting at around $850.


How can I view and sort my photos with a tablet?

Google Nexus 7

Episode 1048

Jim from Walnut Creek, CA

Jim is an amateur photographer who reviews his pictures on the camera to delete the ones he doesn't like. For Christmas, he got an iPad Mini, and would like to preview the images on his camera card. Leo says that the iPad Mini doesn't have a set file system like that. Jim understood that and returned it. Leo says Jim didn't have to do that, he could've gotten the camera connection kit which would allow him to plug in an SD card.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note 2

Episode 906

After the success of their first "phablet," (as Leo calls it), Samsung announced their Galaxy Note 2 this week. It comes with an interesting pressure sensitive stylus which gives you a lot of room to do interesting stuff. This is just the first of many announcements in what will likely become a very crowded category. We expect Amazon to be announcing the Kindle 2 soon, and Apple will likely be announcing the iPad Mini for $250.

Leo says that Apple may surprise us with an iPad 2 mini for around $200. And if they did, would anyone buy anything else?

Apple Asks Judge to Block Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII

Episode 905

Claiming that Apple will suffer irreparable harm, Apple has amended their list of infringing products to include both the Galaxy Note and Galaxy SIII, asking Judge Lucy Koh to ban them from the US market. Leo says that maybe Samsung products are doing so well now because they do a lot of things that the iPhone doesn't. Sure, the early Samsung phones were blatant copies, but Leo says there's no question that they are different phones now.