frame rate

Can a QLED TV Give Me a Headache?


Episode 1701

Larry from Petaluma, CA

Larry is trying to pair his new Samsung 55" QLED with his Denon AV. He finally got that working, but he's having an issue with headaches. Leo says that flickering may cause the issue and he recommends adjusting the frame interpolation (called Action Motion Plus in Samsungs) and see if by adjusting the refresh rate up or down will solve that issue. Most likely, going as high as he can will fix it. But he'll get that "soap opera" look. 

Why is my TV reception so bad?

HDHomeRun Prime

Episode 1422

John from Bay City, MI

John has cut the cord and he's having trouble streaming live sports with an over-the-air antenna. He says that the antenna plugged into the TV is ideal, but the HDHomeRun and Tablo have issues. That points to the culprit, then. Leo says LCDs have issues with live movement and a higher refresh rate will smooth that out. John should look for a higher frame rate in his TV's settings.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1031

Today, Scott wants to talk about resolution, frame rate, etc. Leo doesn't like high frame rate because it's plastic looking. So he turns it off on his TV. Scott says that isn't surprising, and most people don't care for it. But he left motion blur and shutter on. Motion blur affects film, while judder affects video.

Isn't it all video on TV though? Scott says that it is, but it isn't. The TV reads and interpolates the "cadence" of the video signal and can tell by that what was shot on film and what was shot on video.