Johnny Jet

Episode 1171

Johnny is still in Austin for South by Southwest, and his first app this week is called Meerkat, the live social video app that launched at SouthBy which Johnny thinks is awesome. It allows you to live stream whatever you're doing and plug it on twitter. Leo says that there have been others that have done this, like Qik, but Meerkat is really easy because people follow you via Twitter and they can comment while you're talking. It's a great way to publicize events. You can even create your own mobile TV network by Meerkating.

Johnny Jet

Episode 995

Johnny Jet is back with news that United has updated it's app for better passenger notifications, and also that virtual boarding passes will be accepted at 220 destinations around the country. Johnny also advises to bring a backup paper pass while this new technology is being worked out. It saves a lot of time should something go wrong with the scanners.

Johnny Jet

Episode 963

Johnny Jet says that American Airlines is testing a new boarding procedure which lets people on without carry on luggage right after first class and families board. Johnny Jet tweeted it and now everyone knows about it. Southwest, Alaska and Frontier are doing it as well.

Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 951

Johny made it back to Southern California, and made it back from the East Coast before the blizzard hit. He says that all the major east coast airports are closed at the moment. If you're traveling, follow @FltAdvisor on Twitter.

Leo wanted to share his Super Bowl experience and frankly, he thinks he got ripped off. The packagers buy out all the hotels and so he had to go with a packager who gouged them severely. He wishes he had gone with AirBnB or rented an apartment like Johnny recommended. Or