What's the best browser for the Mac?

Google Chrome

Episode 1123

Jay from North Carolina

Jay wants to know what browser Leo uses on the Mac. Leo says that Chrome is what he uses 90% of the time, although Safari is very good. Leo prefers Chrome because Flash is sandboxed within the tab, so it doesn't crash the browser when it goes down. He also says that since Chrome has Flash built in and Google updates it regularly so he doesn't have to install it separately. Sync is better in Chrome as well. Leo says Firefox is the third best, but he says it's gotten bloated over the last few years and has slowed down a lot.

How can I keep Adobe Flash from crashing?


Episode 1119

Kimberly from Maui, Hawaii

Kim says her Adobe Flash plugin keeps crashing. She's removed it and reinstalled it, but it just keeps crashing no matter what she does. Leo says that Flash is a nightmare and it's one of the reasons why Apple withdrew support from it. It's being dumped by other companies as well. Even Adobe has decided to abandon it. Unfortunately, it's still necessary online.

How can I keep my videos from crashing my computer?


Episode 1111

Neil from Hermosa Beach, CA

Dennis has a computer that crashes whenever he watches videos. Leo says to check for the latest video drivers. Leo also recommends using Google Chrome because it gets updated to the latest Flash drivers automatically. Dennis could also try closing tabs to reduce the memory footprint. He should also make sure that hardware acceleration is turned off. That can often fix the problem.

Why do I have to upgrade Silverlight for Netflix?

Episode 1092

Ernie from Mount Washington, KY

Ernie's computers keep demanding Silverlight upgrades. Leo says that Silverlight is Microsoft's version of Flash and Netflix uses it. How can he use it for Chrome? Leo says that Netflix should work on Chrome with Silverlight. So that really shouldn't be an issue. But the good news is, Netflix is moving away from it. He won't have to deal with it much longer.

How can I save a flash movie from the Internet?

Episode 1065

Steve from Finland

Steve wants to download flash based videos from the Internet and he's having trouble finding a good source. Leo says there's a number of options. Leo recommends Applian's web video downloader, called the Replay Media Catcher. It's free to try and downloads almost every format. VLC Media Player can also do this. KeepVid.com is a good web based option.

Why are movies in Chrome showing up so small?

Episode 1062

Derek from Petaluma, CA

Derek is having problem with Google Chrome in Windows XP playing video. Leo says it's important to make sure Chrome is up to date. He should go to Help > About Google Chrome, and make sure it's green and checked as "up to date." He should also clear out his extensions. Extensions are great, but they can slow down the browser. Chrome uses it's own version of Flash, so the version of Flash he installed may be corrupt. Derek should make sure he has an updated video driver. Windows XP did something odd with video using hardware acceleration.

How do I install Flash on my Mac?

Adobe Flash

Episode 1051

Robert from Canoga Park, CA

Robert has finally saved up enough money to get a Mac, but he noticed he has to install Flash himself. Leo says that Steve Jobs hated Flash and as such, Apple stopped supporting it. Leo says he can download and install Flash from Get.Adobe.com/flashplayer. He should just make sure he gets it from the official site, and not a phoney one. He should also be careful not to fall for the scam that he needs a new version of Flash to watch a video. Download Flash from Adobe directly and install it.

Will I be able to make the switch from Windows to Mac?

Episode 1037

Art and Karen from Nevada

Art's wife talked him into buying a Mac Mini. Can Art make "The Switch?" Leo says that for Art's job, Excel will work just the same on the Mac. What about the iPad? Leo says that there are spreadsheet programs like Apple's Numbers. Not identical to Excel, especially with Macros, but it's doable. What about forms? Leo says that Numbers will read Excel forms, but it may not look the same. So he'll have to clean them up. But once that's done, Art can then save them in the cloud. What about Flash? Can it work in the iPad? Leo says it can't because Apple doesn't support Flash.