Why can't I stream video in the Edge browser?

Episode 1320

Raymond from Tennessee

Raymond usually watches the TWiT network on his Mac. He tried watching it on Windows 10 with Edge and it buffers a lot. It works fine in Chrome, though. Leo says that Edge is likely the issue then, and it's because Edge isn't really ready to be used. It may also be that the quality of the stream is too high for his PC to keep up. On YouTube, he can step up the quality manually.

How can I play HTML5 videos?

Episode 1314

CC from Fullerton, CA

CC is retired and is into YouTube videos now, but lately he's getting notifications to watch videos on HTML5. How can he watch those? Leo says that any browser can stream HTML5. YouTube has converted all videos to HTML5 now. If he right clicks on the video, it'll give him information on what kind of video is playing.

The chatroom says that CC could have installed a player as its default player and that's causing the confusion. CC should look in his browser menu and go to add-ons. If he finds one there, he should disable it.

Should I uninstall Flash?

Episode 1255

Rick from Phelan, CA

Rick is having issues with Flash. Leo says Flash was great in its time, but it's now a dog. It has security flaws, has become bloated, and even Adobe has started to move away from it. HTML5 is the new standard. Leo advises uninstalling it and going with Google Chrome. They've included Flash inside of it and it's sandboxed. It also gets updated automatically. So it's much safer.

How can I get rid of the error messages from Shockwave?

Episode 1254

Sandra from Bedford, IN

Sandra is having issues with Shockwave on her computer. No matter what browser she uses, she gets an annoying unresponsive script error popup. She started seeing it after upgrading to Windows 10. Leo says that she doesn't really need Shockwave anymore, and she could just uninstall it. Chrome provides its own version built-in as well.

Are plugins causing issues with my browser?

Episode 1195

Arelia from Riverside, CA

Arelia is having issues with her browser and she thinks it may be due to a plugin she installed. Leo says she's probably right. Plugins like Flash, Shockwave or Java are easily hackable and dangerous if not kept up to date.

Leo recommends using Google Chrome. Chrome has Flash built in and it's always updated. If she likes the browser she's using, then she'll have to get the latest version of Flash from Adobe.

Did a website crash my hard drive?

Episode 1124

Sue from Redondo Beach, CA

Sue went to a website to watch Bob Dylan live on stage and her computer got "fried." Leo says that there's no website that can short out a computer. And it's not in the interest of a hacker to be that destructive. They want vulnerable computers to exploit them. So it's important to keep the computer updated. She should also update Flash, her PDF reader, drivers, and just about everything can be exploited. Leo also recommends using Google Chrome, because it sandboxes Flash and updates it all the time. So she doesn't even have to install Flash on her system.