What are my options for faster internet access?

Episode 1079

Sheryl from Lakewood, CA

Sheryl has DSL with an external router, but it's overloaded by phones, laptops, and streaming via the Roku. All she wants is fast internet that works. Her cable company won't give her separate internet, they want her to bundle with cable TV. Leo says that she can buy better service, but the price will go up. And since the FCC has given the cable company and the phone company virtual monopolies, she's really limited by the options she has, which is DSL and cable. She can request "dry loop" DSL, but as Sheryl has found out, it's not super fast if she's farther than 1km from the central hub.

Which Internet ISP should I get?

Episode 1040

Marylin from Highland Park, NJ

Marilyn is getting a new computer and now wants to get broadband at home. She's wondering what the best ISP would be: Verizon FIOS or Optimum by Cablevision? Leo says that either is excellent, with FIOS likely being faster. Optimum is #2 in the country right now in service. So both options would be excellent.Marilyn should look beyond the teasing first year "tease" rate, and find out what the cost will be afterwards.

How can I get my Mac to forget a Wi-Fi network?

Episode 978

JD from Los Angeles, CA

JD has a FIOS connection, but his computer keeps auto joining his neighbor's Wi-Fi. Leo says it auto joins because JD probably joined it once manually. JD should go into the Wi-Fi settings > Network preferences, highlight the connections, select Wi-Fi, and then under "Advanced", select "forget". He can also order the connections according to his preferences.