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How does 2 factor work if you're using Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone

Episode 1434

Tom from Florida

Tom wants to know how Apple's 2 Factor Authentication works with Find My Phone. When he logs into iCloud to look for his phone, it'll send his 2 Factor Authenticator to his phone. But how can he find his phone that way? Leo says that Apple does 2 Factor different from everyone else. If he has another Apple device like an iMac or iPad, then he could do it. It'll send the code to all of his Apple devices. Not just the iPhone. He can also use trusted phone numbers and enroll a landline or his wife's phone that they will call and give him the number audibly.

How can I find my iPhone?

Apple iPhone Family

Episode 1350

Greg from Toronto, CAN

Greg lost his iPhone and wants to know how to use Find My iPhone to locate it. Leo says as long as Find My iPhone is turned on, he should be OK. If it was put it in Airplane Mode, it won't broadcast because the radios are turned off, though. It's probably lost, and even if someone could find it, Greg has a complicated password and it'll wipe the device after 10 attempts.

How can I monitor activity on someone's iPhone?

Apple iPhone 6s

Episode 1267

Marley from Los Angeles, CA

Marley wants to put tracking software on her soon to be ex's iPhone. What program would be least likely to be detected? Leo says that the easiest way is to turn on Apple's Find My iPhone feature. It will give her the location of the phone. Can she listen to the calls and see keystrokes? Leo says that Apple makes it very hard to do that. She can jailbreak it, but that comes with a whole host of issues, including ethical ones. If she's logged into the same Apple ID, she could see what his text messages are.

How can I recover the remote wipe PIN code for my Mac?

Apple MacBook Air

Episode 1119

Jeff from Canoga Park, CA

Jeff's Mac got stolen and he used Find My Mac to get it back. Meanwhile he used the remote wipe to wipe it. How can he get his data back? Leo says that Apple did a great thing with a system lock and remote wipe. But how does he get his system lock pin code? Leo says Jeff needs to call AppleCare and he'll probably have to bring it into an Apple Store to fix.

My iPad got stolen, what can I do?

Episode 1079

Alex from Los Angeles, CA

Alex's son got his iPad stolen. Fortunately, he had the pin code password turned on, so it's likely it'll end up being wiped after 10 tries to unlock it. But that doesn't stop it from being restored and his data wiped. Hopefully, he also had Find my iPhone on it to wipe the iPad remotely and to see where it ended up. He could then pass on that information to the police, but it's important that he doesn't try to recover it himself. That can be dangerous. Chances are, the police won't be able to recover it, though. So he'll have to wipe it and chalk it up to a painful lesson.

How can I stop my daughter from losing her iPhone?

Episode 1041

Mark from Phoenix, AZ

Mark wants to know how he can keep his daughter from losing her iPhone. It either gets lost, broken or stolen and it's breaking him. Leo says that there is the Zomm leash, which sounds an alarm when she would walk away from her phone. It works, but if the phone is stolen, the last thing he'll want is for her to chase after the person who stole it. That's where Find my iPhone comes in handy. She would just call the police and let them know where it is.

How can I locate my stolen iPhone?

Episode 999

Richard from Thousand Oaks, CA

Richard's son had his phone stolen yesterday, and wants to know if there's a way he can track it. Leo says that in order to track the phone, he would have to have enabled the "find my phone" feature in the settings. That would enable him to locate it online and forward that information to the police. It also enables him to remotely wipe the phone. He can also press a button that will emit a loud tone making it very easy to locate.

Is there an Android alternative to Find My iPhone?


Episode 990

Dave from Redondo Beach, CA

Dave wants to find an Android alternative for the "Find My iPhone" app. Leo says that LookOut is a good option. It scans all downloads to make sure they aren't problematic, but it'll also tell him where his phone is. He can even remote wipe the phone if he needs to.

Lookout also has a feature called "Signal Flare," which saves the last known location to LookOut's cloud servers should the battery die or signal stop.

If he has a Galaxy SIII or above, his OS has this capability natively.