Why can't I order air purifier filters from Amazon?

Air Filters

Episode 1728

Craig from Santa Clarita, CA

Craig is calling to talk about air filters. He has Eureka air purifiers that he bought last year during the fire season. But he can't get replacement filters for them. Amazon says they can't deliver to his address. Is that a regulation? In the chatroom - suggests going to could be Prop 65 or some California regulation that's preventing it, though. One article mentions that these air purifiers can actually add Ozone to the air. 

How can I put a polarizing filter on my point and shoot camera?

Neutral density filter

Episode 1462

John from Long Beach, CA

John wants to know how he can add a polarizing filter to his point and shoot camera. Leo says some of the point and shoots have screws on the front that would allow him to add a filter, which is the easiest way to do it. There's a variety of polarizing filter he could get, and generally, he'd want a circular one. If he doesn't have threads on the point and shoot, he'll need some way to mount it on there. John also looked at a magnetic filter, but his camera doesn't have that either.

Chris Marquardt on Photography

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1377

Chris always gets a question about whether you need filters or not, and if you do, what filters do you need? Chris says that there are some you need, and some you don't. The two you need include the polarizing filter and a neutral density filter. The Polarizing filter gives you better color, but takes away some light. It's good in bright, direct sunlight, making it great for the beach. It works much like those polarizing sunglasses. What about a circular polarizer? Chris says that these have two layers, one with lines and one with a circular array.

Chris Marquardt with Another Filter Myth

Episode 1110

In part two of the filter myth, Chris says that while we don't really need filters on the whole. There are some filters that are crucial, especially in bright sunlight. Bright ambient light requires short shutter speeds, and a neutral density filter will block a lot of the light. This allows you to slow down your shutter speed to get a more blurred look, or open up your aperture for better depth of field.

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1106

Chris wants to bust the myth of the camera bag accessories and the sun filter. Chris says that sun filters will usually limit the visual spectrum and doesn't really do much for the image other than cut out ultraviolet and infrared light. Those were very valuable and improved your pictures when shooting with film. But when you shoot digital, it just doesn't apply, since IR and UV filters are already built into your camera. So it's counterproductive to buy them.

Filter Out Spam Email From Social Networks

If you're being inundated by emails from social networks and other websites you've signed up to, there's an easy way to filter that out. Google's gmail has the best spam filters around. It will automatically filter out the worst spam offenders, but it won't get rid of those pesky notifications, updates, and requests from social networks. To filter those out, simply add a + sign to the end of the email address you signed up with, followed by an identifier.