file permissions

Why's My Computer Slowing Down When I Scan an Image?


Episode 1741

Bob from Honolulu, HI

Bob has been scanning old photos using an Epson FastFoto scanner. But it's slowing down his computer. Leo says a bug in the Epson scanning software could be slowing it down. Leo suggests going to the Epson website and making sure you have the latest drivers and software updates. But it could also be an issue thanks to macOS. Apple has been locking it down slowly and surely. Leo recommends going into the Security settings and make sure the Epson software has permission for full disk access. Also, Apple doesn't do well with the NTFS file format.

Why can't I open my files?

Episode 1519

Bill from California

Bill is building a computer system using an Arduino. Leo says that Arduino's are a fun project. But when he connects his data drive, he can't open any of his data files. Leo says that it could be a permissions issue on the old Windows account. Go into file explorer, right click on a file, select properties, and see what's going on under the security tab. Also check there file permissions. It may not be listed as giving you the right to read or write to that file.