How Can I Get the Company, Dish, To Stop Charging Me To Use My Own Hardware?

Dish Company

Episode 1763

Jerry from Hatfield, PA

Jerry complained to the FCC about having to pay to use his own satellite equipment. A few days later, he got a call from Dish, assuring him that he's being charged half because he is a preferred customer. And they explained that it's not the equipment, it that he's using a DVR inside the equipment. And they see them separate. Leo says it sounds like DISH is exploiting a loophole. The trick is to make complaints en masse.

How can I avoid flight changing fees?

Episode 1239

Connie from Thousand Oaks, CA

Connie has bought tickets to Alaska, but she's now in school and can't take the flight. What can she do? Johnny Jet says that airlines will charge Connie $200 per ticket to use it at a later date and they aren't likely to waive that fee. Travel insurance even wouldn't cover this. So Connie is probably out of luck. But one thing she can do is donate the tickets. That way she can at least get a tax deduction for them.