How can I send faxes wirelessly?

phone cord

Episode 1513

Peter from San Diego, CA

Peter needs to send faxes but his phone connection is too far away to use his office jet. Leo says that most printers are wireless. So he could connect it to his phone line and have access to the printer through his laptop. Leo says just to get a really long phone line and plug it in when he needs it. When he doesn't need it, he can just wrap it up and put it away. That'll be easier for Peter.

Where can I find fax software?

Episode 1230

Dick from Silverado, CA

Dick can't find fax software anymore. Leo says that nobody really faxes with software anymore because the fax hardware simply isn't there anymore. This can be problematic since real estate companies still use hard copy faxes. Going forward, using an online service like eFax is the way to go. FaxZero is another. An all-in-one printer with a fax option is also possible. But he'll have to have a phone line to do it.

How can I have a fax and answering machine on the same line?

Episode 1200

"Old Geek" from The Bronx

Old Geek has issues with his answering/fax machine. Leo says he can set a fax machine and an answering machine for different rings, but if he has them on one line, he won't be able to tell the difference between a fax or a voice message. Some have a pass-through for a fax and if he doesn't get the tone, it will pass the call to the voicemail machine. If he doesn't have that, then he's out in the cold.