How Can I Share Videos With Family?


Episode 1713

Ed from Santa Maria, CA

Ed converted a bunch of home movies into digital format on a USB key. He wants to share them with family, but he has to convert them. What does he do? Leo says that as long as the USB key is formatted for FAT32 or ExFAT, it should be compatible with both. NTFS won't work for most macs. Then there's the video format. If it's WMV, Macs can't play it back. But MP4 is modern and ubiquitous. What if the person he's sharing with has a mobile phone? Leo recommends sharing them on YouTube. Set videos to private and then send them a link to share. That's the easiest way.

What format should I use for my external hard drive?

Episode 1018

John from Southbend, IN

John has an old Vista laptop he's going to put Ubuntu on. Before he does, he wants to backup all of his photos. What drive should he buy? Leo says he'll want an NTFS drive that also handles FAT32 for Mac and EXT3 for Linux. Everything can read FAT32, so he can just leave the format that way. Macs have trouble with NTFS. The downside of FAT32 is that none of his files can be larger than 2GB.