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Why Isn’t My Ring Doorbell Working in Cold Weather?


Episode 1835

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi has a Ring doorbell that's hardwired into her house. But the cold weather is causing the doorbell to malfunction. Leo says that if it gets below 36 degrees, the battery in the RING may not be charging properly. Even though the Ring is hard-wired. But that should only affect it if the power goes out. The RING should still function under normal conditions. Doctor Mom says that even though it's wired, the battery is the main source of power, so that's why it's malfunctioning. The cold weather isn't charging the battery and so it doesn't work. 

Governments Using Smartphone Location Data to Enforce Social Distancing

Smartphone Location Tracking

Episode 1684

Countries are using cellphone location data to not only enforce mandatory social distancing but also to see who patients have been in contact with the virus, to find out how that patient was infected. Other countries are using facial recognition to punish those in defiance of the orders and gathering together.

So while technology can be used for the greater good, namely trying to stem the tide of the Coronavirus outbreak, it can also be used as a dreadful tool for the surveillance state.

How can I get my computer to use facial recognition?

Episode 1670

Kai from Spain

Kai has a Raspberry Pi 4 that he's using to code in Python with. He's created a voice assistant and would like to add facial recognition. But he doens't know where to attach the camera. Leo says it's likely going to be a USB connection or HDMI. Leo suspects that there is a camera library in Python that will help. There's even a library for Face Detectoin called Shunya Face. Look on GitHub. Check out Instructables.com ...

Is paying your bills digitally secure and private?

Digital Bills

Episode 1647

Jacob from South Elgin, Illinois

Jacob wants to know if paying electronically is secure. He doesn't like that it has a digital paper trail that people can see what he's spending his money on. Leo says that there's a fine line between the security of digital transactions and the privacy concerns that come with them. Leo also says that facial recognition and the prevalence of security cameras are a larger concern. The police can follow you everywhere using facial recognition and know where you are at all times. So he's more concerned with that.

Why isn't Google Photos grouping my photos anymore?

Google Photos

Episode 1645

Edmond from Burbank, CA

Edmond wants to know if Google Photos is a good backup option for his family photos. Leo says it is. You can upload unlimited high-resolution images or up to 15GB of uncompressed Raw images. And it's searchable in a variety of ways. But the caller says it's not uploading his images anymore and some of the facial recognition doesn't work well. Leo says to make sure the faces you gather together are named. Train it. But it sounds like Google may have changed the feature or took it out of a recent update.