Meta Blasts Holiday Football Games with Ads


Episode 1847

Facebook's rebranded META company plastered major holiday football games with ads this week. Leo says the Zuckerberg-run company is seeking to influence regulatory agencies by convincing the public to pass laws favoring their brand of content moderation. Leo adds that what terrifies Facebook isn't the government, but competition. So by getting in on the ground floor of content moderation, they can shape the landscape in their favor. 

Facebook Rebrands as Meta


Episode 1842

Facebook rebranded while Leo was gone, now going by the umbrella name of "Meta." The basic idea is that Facebook is much more than just a social media company, with virtual reality, Instagram, and more. But they didn't check hard enough, discovering another company already has the name. But with a 32-page filing covering hundreds of planned product categories, will Meta get sued? It's likely.

What Do We Do About Big Tech?


Episode 1840

Governments worldwide are working to figure out what to do about the power and influence of Big Tech. From Amazon to Facebook, technology companies wield extraordinary power in our lives and are doing things to keep the next generation of innovators and competitors out of the marketplace. The Attorney General is lodging a complaint, for example, against Google pertaining to how they use market clout to dominate online advertising.

Facebook to Rebrand with a New Name


Episode 1839

Wanting to be viewed as a "metaverse company," Facebook is expected to announce a new name this week, rebranding itself with a diverse portfolio that includes the social media giant, Instagram, Oculus, augmented reality, self-driving vehicles, and others. But Leo says it may also be to distance itself from the negative image brought about by numerous scandals that have hit the social media giant of late. Critics have stated that Facebook prizes profit over people and have turned a blind eye to questionable content posted in their feeds.

Facebook Whistleblower Testifies Before Congress

Frances Haugen

Episode 1835

Saying that Facebook's lack of proper policing is a subject of severe concern, whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before Congress this week. Haugen says that Facebook isn't doing enough to self-regulate what content appears on the social media site Haugen also says that Facebook's algorithms are designed to increase user engagement, by boosting dopamine in the brain. Much like a drug. This makes users want to stay on, no matter how bad the experience can be.

Leo isn't sure that government regulation is the answer though, in lieu of the first amendment. 

Expose Proves Social Media Is Bad for Teens, and Facebook Knows It


Episode 1833

A magazine expose came out this week that says that social media is bad for teens, and makes their melancholy worse. And Facebook knows it. Leo wonders if this could be part of the reason why the social media giant killed their Facebook for Kids this week. Meanwhile, Facebook just keeps doing what they're doing, which includes proof that they seek to addict people to the platform.

How Can I Watch a Video on Facebook Without Joining?

Facebook Icon

Episode 1814

Richard from West LA, CA

Richard opened a Facebook video link from an email on his phone and he was able to open it. But when he went to his desktop, it requires Facebook. What gives? Leo says that Facebook is doing that on purpose to prevent you from downloading it without logging in. It's a cheesy way to get you to join and is called "growth hacking."  If you can save the video to the phone, then you can send it to yourself. That's worth a try. 

Assign Trusted Contacts for Facebook Recovery

If you have a Facebook and are taking precautions in case you get hacked (and used to post/click on things that you wouldn't do), you should assign at least one trusted contact. Friends or family you trust can help you recover your account by sending you a special URL via recovery code. Go to Security & Login Settings, scroll to "Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out", and edit which friends you want to assign. You can also change or remove those chosen friends later for whatever reason.

How Can I Recover My Facebook?


Episode 1810

Frank from Santa Ana, CA

Frank's Facebook account got hacked and changed his recovery options so he can't get it back. That's why Leo suggests turning on two-factor authentication so they can't change the password. Frank will need to contact Facebook to gain control back. They'll require an ID to authenticate. He can also assign a trusted contact, so they can verify that Frank has lost his account and he can get it back. 

Does Facebook Open You Up to Malware?


Episode 1808

Kevin from San Clemente, CA

Kevin is concerned that Facebook opens users up to malware. They seem to know a lot about his family and their online activity. Leo says that it really doesn't, but that doesn't stop them from selling data and activity to advertisers. Leo isn't a fan of their laissez-faire attitude towards privacy, or how people get radicalized on the platform. They collect a great amount of data and sell it. They also push users to put their apps on their phones, so they can use the location data. That's why Leo isn't on the platform now. He doesn't want to support them financially with his data.