FAA Allows Use of Tablets and Smartphones From Gate to Gate

Episode 1028

The FAA has made a rule change that will enable users of smart devices like eBook readers, tablets and smartphones, as long as they're put into airplane mode below 10,000 feet. Users can still use the in-flight Wi-Fi (at a cost, of course), but they will not be able to make cell phone calls or use cellular data. Watching movies, reading e-books, and playing games are all fair game.

FAA Poised to Reverse Policy on Portable Electronics on Flights

Episode 990

The Federal Aviation Administration may be about to reverse rules that prohibit the usage of mobile devices during takeoff and landing. Leo says that with pilots using iPads while they're flying, there's really no need to prevent passengers from using their devices as well. Cell service will still be restricted and Leo says the reason for that is so that airlines could sell more expensive cellular service on airplanes.