external hard drives

Why is my external drive not mounting to my desktop anymore?


Episode 1081

Lance from Los Angeles, CA

Chris had a backup drive that suddenly stopped mounting to his computer. Leo says it could be a drive failure. It could also just be the enclosure that the drive is in. Circuitry can go bad.

If that didn't solve the issue, NewerTech makes a universal hard drive adapter which would allow him to take that drive and connect it to a Windows machine via USB. Then he should do a low level format.

What external hard drive should I get for my Mac?

WD MyBook

Episode 999

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay is looking for an external hard drive that will go with a Mac. Leo says any external hard drive will work, so it doesn't matter. Will a portable drive last longer? Leo says no. It'll be a smaller drive, but the only difference will be that it would be powered by USB (bus powered). USB 3 would be ideal. It may be a bit slower, but that's about it. Leo says if it's for a desktop, then get an AC powered hard drive. They're faster and cheaper.