external hard drives

Why is my external hard drive locked?

Episode 1225

Art from Baja, Mexico

Art has a 3TB hard drive that he uses as a backup, but now he doesn't have access rights to the hard drive. Leo says that can happen if he moved from one Windows installation to another. What it sounds like is that Windows locked it because it thinks it's owned by a different account. Microsoft has a tech note on how to gain possession of files through an Administrator account. But if he's using a slide out hard drive, it can get locked, and that's a serious problem.

Is MyCloud a good option for cloud backup?

Episode 1171

Fred from Long Beach, CA

Fred got a MyCloud hard drive as a gift. Is that a good external hard drive? Leo says yes, but he should make sure he connects it via Ethernet to the computer. He can also use it as his cloud based hotspot.

If Fred just wants a large external hard drive, Leo recommends trading this MyCloud drive in for that instead. For the same price, he should be able to get twice the storage, and they'd be faster as well.

How can I get data off a broken hard drive?

NewerTech USB 3.0 Universal Drive Adapter

Episode 1158

Brandon from California

Brandon is a teacher and he has an external hard drive that had the pin bent off of it in the enclosure. He moved it over to an identical drive enclosure and it can only be seen in the device manager, but it doesn't work.

Leo says it could be that the damage done to the connector has been done to the hard drive as well. Brandon should go to NewerTech.com and pick up the USB 3.0 Universal Drive adapter. It'll help him get everything off it.

Why is my external drive not mounting to my desktop anymore?


Episode 1081

Lance from Los Angeles, CA

Chris had a backup drive that suddenly stopped mounting to his computer. Leo says it could be a drive failure. It could also just be the enclosure that the drive is in. Circuitry can go bad.

If that didn't solve the issue, NewerTech makes a universal hard drive adapter which would allow him to take that drive and connect it to a Windows machine via USB. Then he should do a low level format.

What external hard drive should I get for my Mac?

WD MyBook

Episode 999

Jay from Providence, NC

Jay is looking for an external hard drive that will go with a Mac. Leo says any external hard drive will work, so it doesn't matter. Will a portable drive last longer? Leo says no. It'll be a smaller drive, but the only difference will be that it would be powered by USB (bus powered). USB 3 would be ideal. It may be a bit slower, but that's about it. Leo says if it's for a desktop, then get an AC powered hard drive. They're faster and cheaper.