How Can I Speed up Search in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook

Episode 1785

Jeff from Thunder Bay, Camada

Jeff is frustrated with Microsoft Outlook and searching with Gmail. Leo suggests going with X1 to search Outlook and Gmail really well. So will Hexamail, which many says is the best email client for Exchange. The chatroom also suggests rebuilding your index in Outlook. That could speed up the search. Or just move everything over to Gmail and use it.

How can I get notifications to my Android phone from Exchange?

Episode 1195

Ryan from Huntington Beach, CA

Ryan got a new Android phone from Alcatel recently, but it doesn't support notifications for his help messages through Exchange. It only notifies him for messages in his inbox. He tried Outlook and it didn't work. He had the same problem with Boomerang. Leo's used K-9, and if anything, that would be the one to get. Sadly, Google's app only works with Gmail, not Exchange.

How can I get my old email onto my new iPhone?

Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Episode 1120

Evan from San Diego, CA

Evan got an iPhone 6 and set up his Outlook account. However, the folders that he has set up appeared without the emails that were inside of them. Leo says that Outlook uses Exchange and it should get duplicated, but it could be stuck. He should try removing it and adding it again. It may also be that the older emails won't show up since the OS doesn't want to overwhelm the phone by downloading thousands of emails. There may be a setting in email that would allow him go to back and get the older email.

How can I sync Google with Windows Exchange?

Episode 1066

Kelsey from London, England

Kelsey is vision impaired and uses the accessibility settings in both iPhone and Windows 7. Leo says that Apple has done a great job on that in its iOS.

Kelsey is having trouble syncing Gmail with Exchange. Microsoft blames Google, but Google says that Microsoft doesn't even support exchange anymore. The chatroom offers this technote from Microsoft -

How can I sync my Android 'HTC Incredible' phone's contacts with Microsoft Outlook?

Episode 875

Rene from Long Beach, CA

Unfortunately, Microsoft Outlook will not sync contacts with Android phones, and in fact it doesn't even sync with Windows Phone 7 either. There are a few ways Rene can accomplish this goal, however.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • If Rene were using a Microsoft Exchange Server, then it would be possible. Most corporations use this, and with the Exchange Server it works fine.