Why am I still getting viruses despite having Vipre antivirus?

Episode 899

Jerry from Florida

Jerry has an anti virus utility called Vipre, but he still keeps getting viruses. Leo says Vipre isn't very good and recommends ESET Nod 32 for Windows. He should first take Vipre off, and then install NOD32. It's the best security software Leo knows of (Disclaimer: ESET is a sponsor). The best free AVS is Microsoft's Security Essentials.

AVG and MalwareBytes detected a trojan, but other programs didn't. Should I be concerned?

ESET Nod32

Episode 898

Kevin from Huntington Beach, CA

AVG free turned up trojan.dropper when Kevin ran it on his system. He also tried scanning with MalwareBytes which confirmed it, so that makes it more of a concern. He downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and ESET and tried scanning with each of those, and didn't find anything. He only should have one antivirus installed at a time, because sometimes antivirus programs will find files in another antivirus program and flag it as a virus.

I installed ESET Mobile Security on my Android smartphone. Why is it giving me all kinds of warnings?

Episode 894

Chip from Corona Del Mar, CA

It sounds like the one he got is an enterprise edition, and is meant for sys admins to install on all Android phones in a company. They're used to seeing this, it is normal, and he could go through it and use it on his phone. In general though, Leo doesn't put any high end security software on his phone. He does use a free program called LookOut, but he doesn't think anything more than that is necessary. But he paid for the software, he might as well use it!