Does a Mac need antivirus software?


Episode 1011

Julie from Carson, CA

Julie recently got her first iMac and wants to know if she should get Eset's Cyber Security software. Leo says that Macs are far safer than PCs because they are active in blocking malware as it happens. Also, their smaller market share means Mac users aren't as much of a target. Leo says the greater threat is her behavior. No antivirus program can protect her from herself if she allows it to get through.

What's the best anti virus software?

Episode 984

Mark from Canoga Park, CA

Mark wants to know what anti virus software to use, and is wondering if Avast is any good. Leo says that Avast is "freemium," which means he can use it for free or pay for more functions. Leo doesn't recommend it. For free, he recommends Microsoft Security Essentials. If he doesn't mind laying out a few bucks, Eset's Nod32 is the best.

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Why can't I get internet access on my laptop despite it showing it's connected?

Episode 903

Sam from Garden Grove, CA

Sam has tried replacing drivers, restarting the router and modem and even bypassing the router and connecting directly to the modem. Leo concludes that there's something wrong with software on the laptop, and is most likely a Windows issue. He says it could either be security software that's blocking the connection or a virus that's doing it. Leo first recommends disabling his McAfee antivirus. It could be that the antivirus is being overzealous and is cutting out wireless activity.