epson projectors

What do I need to build a backyard movie theater?

Episode 1000

Penny from Sacramento, CA

Penny is building a backyard home theater to watch movies drive-in style. Leo says that's great! She'll need three things - a screen, speakers and a projector.

They make inflatable screens, but they're a hassle to use and expensive. Getting a hard screen is just as good. Penny will need a powerful projector that can handle the "throw" of a 16'x9' screen. Epson makes some good ones both home and pro. It depends on how bright she wants it.

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 965

Scott is going to see a movie with a projector that will be projecting with lasers! The film is GI Joe: Retaliation. The projector uses a red, blue, and green laser which hits the chip and then reflects out to the screen. It's based on the Texas Instruments DLP design. Experts claim that with lasers they'll be able to get them as bright as a conventional projected movie, and twice as bright as a regular 3D movie.

What projector should I get for a 40 foot long room?

Episode 878

Wendell from Sweetwater, TX

First of all, he should suspend the projector from the ceiling if possible so it doesn't need to be at the far end of the room. The projector’s “throw” requires more brightness the farther it’s away from the screen. has a calculator which will give him an idea as to what size screen he would need to have at that distance. Ideally, if he has the projector at around 10-15 feet from the screen he can use almost any projector. He'll also need to darken the room.