Epson printers

What's a good printer?

Epson Expression XP-330

Episode 1372

Nick from Moreno Valley, CA

Nick just moved in with family and they don't have Wi-Fi! He needs a printer, though. Leo says that most printers that do wireless printing do wired printing via USB too. Leo likes Epson. Canon is also a good option. HP's printers are improved, but they only use HP printer cartridges now. Leo recommends going with Epson. And since Nick is going to be printing so infrequently, he can actually shop by price.

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How can I print over WiFi?

Episode 976

Brad from Wyoming

Brad says that getting an inverter in the truck, and then plug in a regular Epson printer and you can print via WiFi. All you need to do is turn on the hotspot or just add wifi and you can't print directly. What about scanning via WiFi? Leo says that scanning to Evernote is a great option and you can do it through your phone. In fact, there's a huge amount of apps on the iPhone that you can use your camera as a scanner and then upload it in PDF format. JotNot Scanner Pro is one.

What are your thoughts on the HP OfficeJet 8600?

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4530

Episode 889

Steven from Syracuse, NY

Leo's not a big fan of HP printers. They're cheap printers, but they really get people on the ink. Leo would get an inexpensive laser printer because the cost per page is much lower. It won't print color as well though, and certainly won't do photos, but will be fine for charts and some presentations. Leo prefers the Epson Workforce All in One printers. Canon makes some decent ones as well.