Epson Fast Foto

How Can I Rip Family DVDs and Scan Photos to Share?


Episode 1820

Elizabeth from Fullerton, CA

Elizabeth wants to rip her family DVDs and send the video files to family and friends. Leo says to use Handbrake to rip the DVD. Then, you can re-encode the video files to a format that everyone can read. MPEG4 is the best option. After that, you can edit the video files and then send them out. iMovie would work great for the Mac. Then, Leo recommends putting it on a file-sharing site like DropBox and then sending the link out to everyone you want because the files will be pretty large. There's also OneDrive, Google Drive, or iCloud. 

How Do I Connect My Epson FastFoto Scanner to WiFi?


Episode 1813

Paul from Columbus, OH

Paul got an Epson FastFoto scanner as a gift, and now he can scan all the images that he has in photo albums. But when he connects it, it wants a WPS security connection. Leo says while WPS is terrible, it was the way to connect at the time, with a simple touch of a button. But nowadays, Leo wouldn't use it, and there are other ways to configure WiFi through the Epson software. Users may have to connect the printer via USB to their PC just to configure it with the WiFi password. After that, they can disconnect the USB cable.

What's the Best Way to Scan Thousands of Photographs?

Epson Printer / Scanner

Episode 1803

Skylar from Cooper City, FL

Skylar is doing a scanning project with thousands of photos to digitize them for the family. Leo says that the Epson Fast Foto wireless scanner is ideal for it. It has a sheet feeder that can feed each photograph into the scanner and digitize them quickly. It also has software for color correcting. But it's not cheap. But you pay for the speed. Or you can use an easel and a DSLR and shoot them that way. What resolution should he scan at? Chris Marquardt says 300 DPI is good for most photos unless you plan on blowing up the image, then 1200.

What's a good scanner for scanning slides and stills?

Epson 2750

Episode 1720

Tony from Hudson, FL

Tony has a lot of slides and images to scan. He bought a Brother scanner to do it, but the quality isn't that good. Leo says that Scanners are much better now, with up to 1200 DPI available. Leo recommends the Epson Fast Foto, it has a sheet feed to scan prints. About $600. But you likely have everything you need with a decent digital camera. Set up an easel and put your image on it. Have some ambient light. And then just take the picture one at a time. Slides, on the other hand, is another issue. It needs backlit lighting to illuminate the slide image.