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How can I get mom to upgrade from XP to Windows 8?

Episode 1064

Thomas from Stamford, CT

Thomas's mom has an old PC that runs XP and he's trying to convince her to upgrade. Leo says it's a tall order to get people to change as there's over 30% of computers still running XP! Leo says that starting April 8th, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft, and as such, there may be a 66% greater risk of the computer getting infected online. So it's even more important to get that computer off the Internet after April 8. Even better, get her to upgrade her computer and run Windows 8.1.

Is it possible to run Windows XP safely online using an antivirus program?

Episode 1062

Midnight Rider from Unknown City

Midnight Rider works for a city that runs on Windows XP. They are going to be running antivirus on their computers after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, and he's wondering if that's going to be adequate. Leo says the antivirus, including Microsoft's own antivirus program will still be kept up to date. However, it won't protect against a user installing software that could be malicious.

Can I run Windows XP and only boot into Linux to get online?

Episode 1061

Ron from Little Rock, AR

Ron has a PC that runs XP and wants to use Linux when he wants to go online. Should he worry about any XP programs sneaking online if he dual boots? Leo says no, there won't be any crossovers. There are some programs that Linux can run that run on Windows, but none that go online. Just don't forget to only go online with Linux and not Windows XP!

Why can't I play video on my PC running Windows XP?


Episode 1059

John from Van Nuys, CA

John has a PC that runs Windows XP and he can't view videos that are sent to him through email. Leo says that it's likely a codec issue. He recommends downloading VLC Media Player. It can play pretty much anything. But the real problem is that after April 8th, Microsoft will stop supporting and updating Windows XP with security patches. So John's computer will be vulnerable to attacks. Leo says that's a cause for worry and John should take it off the Internet before April 8.

How can I protect my computer after Microsoft ends Windows XP support?

Episode 1057

Dan from Huntington Beach, CA

Dan uses Windows XP and is worried about security once Microsoft ends support for it on April 8th. Leo says that there will only be two more security patch Tuesdays between now and April 8th and once that's done, XP will no longer be supported. Leo says that once that happens, all XP users should pull their XP computers off the Internet completely. There are bad guys who collect flaws and exploits and take advantage of holes in the system. One such nasty thing is Cryptolocker.