email scams

Latest Phishing Scams Designed to Reverse a Bogus Charge on Credit Card


Episode 1843

There's a new email BOGO phishing scam that will advise that recipient that a purchase has been made for $500, and it must be confirmed. The idea is to get a user to call in and give the credit card number. They will then say they've reversed the charge, but in reality, you've given them your credit card number and three-digit code. Then they can charge on it.

Scammers Target Direct Deposit Systems

Episode 1526

Online scam artists are targeting users of the direct deposit payroll system, using social engineering to gain access to bank accounts and steal your paycheck. The primary targets are in education, healthcare, and airline employees. So be watchful over emails saying you need to log into your account to verify your direct deposit information. That's where they get you. As usual, do NOT click on any links in emails. Contact your HR department immediately to verify.