Bob Heil

Bob Heil

Episode 1485

Bob Heil is a legend in the broadcast and music recording industry. He's also an amateur radio enthusiast. He is the creator of the Heil PR40 mic, which Leo uses on the radio show. Bob is currently doing an interesting project called the Pineboard Project, which teaches people how to solder electronics. The idea is to build electronics on a pineboard to design your gear. To date, he's had over 100 people involved.

How can I cut back on my electric bill?

P3 P4400 Kill A Watt

Episode 1240

Phil from California

Phil is trying to cut back on his electric bill and his friends suggest powering down his technology, including his router and network every day. But his other friends say that could do more harm than good. Leo says that he'll stress the electronics less if he doesn't turn them on and off on a regular basis. He should just leave it alone. He can reboot things once in awhile, but all modern computers and networks are designed to sip power from a low power mode. If he's not using it for a few days or weeks, then it's OK to power them down.

Leo Heads to CES, Maybe for the Last Time

Episode 942

After the show today, Leo will be flying to Las Vegas for what may be his last journey to the Consumer Electronics Show. While it's fun to see all the new gadgets, with over 150,000 dealers and press going, Leo says the bloom is definitely off the rose. In today's Internet dominated news cycle, Leo wonders why it's even necessary anymore, except for the social aspects. You'll see a lot of stuff announced at CES that ends up being vaporware since they will never see the light of a showroom floor.