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Sam Abuelsamid and the Electric Race

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1812

Sam joins Leo to talk about Formula E racing, the electric car version of Formula 1. In its seventh season, the cars are completely electric, with drivers having to swap cars when making a pit stop. Sam says it's really cool, as the cars sound more like TIE fighters from Star Wars than race cars. Sam says this weekend is the Formula E Championship taking place in the streets of New York. The cars are second generation and have gotten pretty large. Gen 3 will be coming out next year, promising smaller cars to make passing easier and more exciting.

Used Tesla Car Dealer Sells Car with Autopilot. Tesla Turns it Off


Episode 1667

A used car dealer bought a used Tesla directly from the carmaker, with autopilot and a host of other features. He then passed the car along to a customer who wanted the autopilot feature. Tesla turned it off, saying that the customer didn't pay Tesla for the feature. Leo says that is the realm we are in now, companies can disable features and hold them hostage until the new owner pays up.