electric cars

Why Does It Cost More to Register an Electric Vehicle?

Nissan Leaf

Episode 1827

Joe from Dalton, GA

Joe has an electric vehicle, but he noticed that his license plate fees have gone way up. Leo says the rationale is that since he's not paying taxes buying gas, they have to make that up somewhere. So they raise the license plate fees. But over the long haul, he's still saying money over gas. Can he use a fast charger on his Nissan Leaf? Leo says he may not. They rely on Chattimo chargers.

Sam Abuelsamid and the Cadillac Lyric

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1826

Sam joins us today to talk about the new electric Cadillac Lyric. Sam says that it's built on the same platform as the Hummer RV and that GM wants to make all Cadillac models electric within the next few years. It'll have at least a 300-mile range and a 33" LCD screen that runs from the driver side, past the center console - one continuous screen. The Lyric is expected to go into production February of 2022. 

Check out Sam's WheelBearings podcast here.

Should I Buy or Lease an Electric Vehicle?

Ford Mustang Mach E

Episode 1777

Alex from Alpharetta, GA

Alex is thinking of getting an electric vehicle and wonders if leasing is a better idea than buying because of battery degradation. Leo says that it's hard to know just how long the batteries in e-vehicles will last. But Tesla has been around for ten years now, and early Teslas are still working fine. And with the market moving towards e-vehicles, the battery life is going to get even better. What about the environmental impact of those batteries? Leo says every car comes with that consideration.

Are Over-the-Air Updates for Cars Safe?

Episode 1768

Adam from California

Adam is considering buying a Ford Mustang Mach E. He's come to the realization that they are just computers on wheels. He's leery of promised future OTA updates that companies are promising as a sales benefit. Leo says that the development time of cars has dropped from five years to three years on the Mach E, which Ford rushed to get to market. Leo says that the problem with software development in a car is that bugs can crop up and updates can happen on almost a weekly basis.

Sam Abuelsamid and the Hybrid Drive Train

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1754

Sam Abuelsamid joins Leo to talk about hybrid technology. Electric motors in a hybrid are run mostly on gas, but the electricity coming from the electric motors can be stored and used for things like regenerative braking. The energy can also be harvested from the energy generated from the wheels. And if necessary, you can drive the car solely on the electric motor, if that motor puts out enough power. 

Sam Abuelsamid ... the best time of the year

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1726

Sam joins Leo to talk about the new electric Jeep Wrangler. Leo says that the Jeep Wrangler is extremely popular. People just love them. So an electric version makes sense. Chrysler is also offering for 4 wheelers, solar-powered charging stations at popular off-roading locations. Users will be able to stop and plug in to recharge emissions-free. One of the first locations will be the Rubicon. 

In other EV news, Ford Mustang Mach E buyers can now use an app to customize their Mach E before taking delivery.

Sam Abuelsamid ... Electric Delivery Vans

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1702

Sam joins Leo this week to talk about Rivian's Electric Delivery Vans. Amazon has placed an order for 100,000 of them to round out their in house fleet of delivery vans. Amazon is going all-in with converting their delivery vehicles to electric, and Sam says it's going to explode over the next few years because it makes a great deal of sense. When you're putting 100,000 miles a year on a delivery van, the operating costs are flat out more affordable going with electric. And Sam says that companies like GM and Ford are building electric vans starting next year.

Sam Abuelsamid and the RestoMod

Sam Abuelsamid

Episode 1619

Sam joins Leo today to talk about the current trend of "RestoMods," which is taking an older car, restoring it, and then adding more advanced mechanics to it. Modern brake systems, suspensions, and engines to name a few. That way you get a car that looks like a classic but drives like a modern car. The latest iteration is to create a classic car with an electric drive train. And there's a company that's doing Jaguar Type E retrofits. How much? Sam's guess is that conversions will start at $50K.