How can I create a web based dating site?

Episode 1409

See from City of Industry, CA

See wants to create an online dating site, but is low on cash. Leo says that See could probably find someone who would be able to build the site for a piece of the pie. The problem is that he could end up with a situation like the Winklevoss Twins, who teamed up with Mark Zuckerberg, who then took the idea for Facebook and made it work without them. Ideas are really a dime a dozen, and most venture capitalists invest in the business plan, the people behind it, and not the idea itself.

How can I get a smartphone app written?

Episode 1158

Spivy from Attalla, AL

Spivy created a poker game for casinos and he wants to turn it into a smartphone app. Leo says that's a good idea if people like it. But if it's a betting app, with cash involved, Apple won't let him do that. But if it's just a fun game, then he'd just need to find a developer. There are a lot of places to go. eLance is a great place to find them and he can have people bid on the gig. Many are in Russia, India and Eastern Europe. It'll cost him less than he'd think.

How do I make an app?

Episode 1078

Mike from Glendale, CA

Mike has an idea for an app, but doesn't know how to make it. Leo says that apps are like having gold in the hills. If he can get it made, that would be great. But he should understand that most apps don't make money and those that do are usually made by larger companies. It's easy to have a great idea, but there's a lot of distance to making the idea a reality and then making money off it. He can find programmers at eLance.com or stackexchange.com.

How can I get an app made?

Episode 1074

Kevin from Los Angeles, CA

Kevin has an idea for several apps and wants to know how he can get them made, and then get a patent on them. Leo says that it's easier to get a patent if he has a working app. But app ideas can be patented with a sketched out concept as well. But this is also what creates patent troll lawsuits. Where could he find coders for making the app? Leo recommends eLance.com. There are good and affordable programmers there. There's also StackExchange.

If I rewind video on Netflix, is it re-downloading the entire movie again? (Part 1)

Episode 1044

David from Juniper Hills, CA

David wants to know if a streaming movie in Netflix would have to download all over again each time he'd rewind to rewatch a scene. Leo says that it depends, but if he's just rewinding to see a scene that he just saw, it won't have to redownload that. Netflix does cache the movie as it plays, but if he wants to go to completely different part of the video, it will probably have to download that part again.