How can I market a book online?

Episode 940

Christine from Frazier Park, CA

Christine has written a book and she went to CreateSpace, where she published in both paperback and Kindle eBook. She says that it's important to be precise in revisions and instructions to editors. But now that she's published her book, how does she get the word out and market it? She has a website, blog, Facebook fanpage, and store. Leo says it will help to link all of them so she can update easier. Does she need a publisher? Leo says not really. The online stuff that Christine has already done will work.

What's the best way to distribute a book?

Episode 940

Chris from North Hollywood, CA

Chris has a family tree book in PDF format that she wants to distribute to the family. Leo says having a print on demand service handle the distribution would be the best option. Lulu started this idea, but Amazon's CreateSpace is the best option because it'll also handle eBook sales as well as hard backs. The beauty is, there's no waste and people with Kindle's can download it as well. It can also be available on iPads.