How can I make use of the unallocated space on my file server?

Hard drives

Episode 1490

Tommy from Natchitoches, LA

Tommy has a file server, a C drive and a D drive, with shared files and folders. It has an unallocated space of 1TB. Leo says that's huge. His C drive has started to get full, and he needs to extend it, but he's limited in how he can extend that within Windows. It would have to be between the C and the D on his partition manager. Leo thinks this may just be a limitation of the Windows Partition Manager, so one thing he could do is go to EaseUS and get their partition manager to see if it can do it.

How can I partition my Windows 7 hard drive?

Episode 1057

John from Waterbury, CT

John had a computer that died on him, so he got a few parts and now the computer is back online. The hard drive has a partition on it and he wants to resize the it, but it won't let him. Leo says that John should try a non-destructive partitioner. Windows 7 may be able to do it if it's in a state to do it. Leo recommends defragging the partition and trying again. There may not be enough space to change the partition, though. EaseUS makes a free partitioning and backup program he can try as well.