What Are My Broadband Options?


Episode 1735

Ed from Henderson, NV

Ed is looking to cut the cable and is looking for options for the internet. DSLReports.com is where he can go to see what's available in the area. Leo recommends checking out AT&T U-Verse. They use fiber and it's very fast. Avoid Satellite. The latency and bandwidth caps are too great. Sadly, cable has no competition due to being granted a regional monopoly. But he can go with fiber or even wireless. DSL may be an option, but it gets slower the farther he is away from the central office.

What Are My Options for Broadband?

Episode 1638

Grover from Orange County, CA

Grover isn't happy with his internet service through his cable provider. What are his options? Leo says that bandwidth is shared in the neighborhood. If he lives in an older neighborhood, the internet may be slower because there isn't enough bandwidth to go around. Newer neighborhoods may have laid down more cable and as such, faster internet. Leo recommends going to DSLReports.com and entering the zip code. This will tell not only what is available in the neighborhood, but reviews from neighbors will also show.

How can I get broadband in a rural area?

Network cable

Episode 1429

Tom from Charlotte, NC

Tom works at home, using remote desktop with his clients. He's going to be moving to a rural area and he needs high speed internet. What can he do? Leo says that rural areas are a challenge for high speed internet because there's simply not a lot of people in an area to justify the cost of laying down the wire. Tom should check out DSLReports.com to find out what's available in the area he's going. Another site to check out is broadbandnow.com.

How can I find out what cell carrier has the best coverage in my area?

Episode 1277

Richard from Omaha, NB

Richard is in Omaha for awhile and wants to know the best cell service for the area. Leo says not to rely on the cell service coverage map. Often times their coverage is "exaggerated." Leo advises talking to friends, neighbors and co-workers to see what they're using and if they like it. Once he decides on a service, he may want to ask if they have a policy that allows him to cancel the service within the first few weeks if he's unhappy with the service. He should check out DSLReports.com as well.